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OnPoint is committed to the security and safety of our members' information. That's why all of our OnPoint credit and debit cards will soon have the added protection of EMV technology.

How To Use Your Chip Card

Step 1
Insert and leave your card in the chip-enabled terminal.

Step 2
Sign or enter your PIN if prompted.

Step 3
Remove your card once the transaction is complete.

Chip Card Enhanced Features

More secure.
The EMV chip securely stores your card data and generates a one-time use code for each transaction. No personal or account information is shared with the merchant.

Accepted worldwide.
Most countries in Europe and around the world have already adopted this technology, and it will soon become the standard in the U.S.

Simple to use.
Using a chip card is a little different than swiping your card, but it's just as easy. And if the terminal isn't chip enabled, you can still use your card with the magnetic strip.

Get Your EMV Chip Card

Now all OnPoint Visa credit cards and the OnPoint Reloadable Prepaid card include EMV chip technology, providing worldwide acceptance and enhanced security.

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OnPoint debit cards will be replaced with EMV enabled cards over time, based on the card expiration date. If you don't have an OnPoint debit card but have an OnPoint checking account, visit your nearest branch or call Member Services to request a free debit card.

Frequently Asked Questions