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OnPoint Community Credit Union
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by sharing your success, everyone succeeds. Share your story!

We're a community of over 263,000 members, united in our commitment to see each other succeed. OnPoint membership benefits each of us in different ways. We'd like to know how your membership has helped you reach your goals.

Share Your Story

OnPoint supports education & community
Thanks to OnPoint Community Credit Union for suppo...   read more
Adrian McCarthy, Member since 2013

Lost card no problem at all
I lost my wallet with my bank card on a Saturday e...   read more
Chadwick Wallace, Member since 11/09

Great member service
I went into the Gresham branch, customer service, ...   read more
Stephen Mirau, Member since 1980s

OnPoint Saved My Vacation!!
I was headed out of town for a few days...   read more
Cheryl Cameron, Member since Many years

A fresh start!
How do you start a "life thank you note?"   read more
Carisa Johnson, Member since Around 1998

happy member experience
i've been a member of onpoint/ptcu since 7/90 & h...   read more
debbie henbest, Member since 7/90

OnPoint Saved Us Thousands of Dollars
My OnPoint story is the best you will read!
...   read more
Kathleen, Member since February 21, 2007

Helpful Assistance
As a former teacher it was a convenience as well as a blessing...   read more
Evailyn M. Sweet, Member since 1985

Caring and Polite Employees
We joined OnPoint because we had heard of many goo...   read more
Elleen Rae Britton, Member since 2006

I love that the tellers know me by name and are fr...   read more
Sherril Roberts, Member since 1981

Thank you for debt relief
The last few years, we've had financial challenge...   read more
Mary Ann, Member since 2005

You believe in me!
OnPoint has always been there for me! From getting...   read more
Lisa Albers, Member since 1983

Family Saved
In the summer of 1969, I was not receiving a pay c...   read more
Carole W. Lower, Member since 1969

Identity Recovery made me feel better
My home was burglarized and many items were stolen...   read more
Kimberly, Member since 1991

Kids get a start with OnPoint
When our oldest son was a newlywed and in the Navy...   read more
Rebecca P Daley, Member since unknown

Share Your Story

When we share our successes with one another, it helps everyone to succeed. Share your experience of how an OnPoint product helped you meet your goals or how an employee helped solve a problem. Whether you saved money or were able to overcome a challenge, we want to hear from you!

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