Educator of the Year Nomination Guidelines

  • Each nomination must include all four completed parts of the application outlined in the nomination checklist.
  • Entries become the property of OnPoint Community Credit Union upon submission. No part of the online submission will be returned to you.
  • Additional details and qualifications for participation apply. See official contest rules.
  • Questions about the nomination process? Click here to contact us.

Nomination Components – What must I submit to nominate an educator?

The Educator of the Year nomination consists of four parts: General Information via online form, Letters of Recommendation, Statement of Educational Philosophy and Portfolio/Work Samples.

1 – General Information

We ask for information about the nominee and their school. This information is submitted via online form that can be found here.

2 – Letters of Recommendation

Three letters of recommendation are required for each nominee. Suggested sources for the letters are one from the teacher’s principal, one from a peer, and one from a student or student family member.

View a script for requesting letters of recommendation

3 – Statement of Educational Philosophy

A narrative statement written by the nominee outlining their educational philosophy. This may highlight the following:

  1. Values, beliefs and goals as an educator
  2. Teaching methods applied in the classroom
  3. Methods of assessing students’ learning and their own teaching success
  4. How they incorporate diversity, equity and inclusion into their classroom
  5. How they have adapted their classroom/teaching approach during the COVID-19 pandemic and supported students through distance learning

View a script for requesting an educational philosophy
View samples and tips for writing an educational philosophy

4 – Portfolio/Work Samples

A portfolio of the teacher’s work and accomplishments should be submitted with this application. Portfolio pieces could include: student notes, interesting projects, unique assignments, examples of involvement in community and school activities or examples of classroom work. A compelling portfolio will convey how the nominee connects with students, the community and peers. Please limit submission to 4 pages max.

Preparing Your Nomination

Please submit your nomination following these steps:


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