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President, CEO / Treasurer, Board of Directors
ROB STUART President, CEO / Treasurer, Board of Directors
Chair, Board of Directors
LELAND "ROCKY" JOHNSON Chair, Board of Directors
Chair, Supervisory<br> Committee
SHERYL MANNING Chair, Supervisory

Annual Report Letter

Serving our members without interruption throughout 2020 was our most important goal. – ROB STUART and LELAND "ROCKY" JOHNSON

Supervisory Committee Report

OnPoint received an “unqualified opinion” from Moss Adams on its 2020 financial statements. This means that OnPoint Community Credit Union’s 2020 financial statements are fairly presented. – SHERYL MANNING

I have the pleasure of chairing OnPoint Community Credit Union’s Supervisory Committee. We are a four-member committee and we meet quarterly during the year.

Our responsibilities are to:

  • Review OnPoint Board-level policies, receive updates on management strategies, monitor financial results, and explore and discuss current credit union industry and accounting issues
  • Review the Credit Union’s established practices and procedures to ensure they safeguard members’ assets
  • Review audited financial results and ensure they are complete and timely
  • Ensure member accounts are verified to credit union records periodically

To accomplish this, the Supervisory Committee arranges a comprehensive annual audit of OnPoint Community Credit Union’s financial statements. The 2020 audit was performed by Moss Adams, LLP. Moss Adams supports the Supervisory Committee, Board and staff with both their accounting expertise and their thorough understanding of the credit union industry.

Upon completion of the 2020 audit, the Supervisory Committee reviewed the details of the audited financial statements and asked the auditors and staff questions. All questions were answered candidly and completely. You’ll find a summary of the financial results included in OnPoint’s 2020 Annual Report.

OnPoint received an “unqualified opinion” from Moss Adams on its 2020 financial statements. This means that OnPoint Community Credit Union’s 2020 financial statements are fairly presented, in compliance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

The results of this audit, combined with the periodic verification of members’ accounts, has provided the Supervisory Committee with assurance that the financial statements prepared by Credit Union management fairly reflect the financial condition of our Credit Union.

Note: Email should not be used to share important or sensitive information.

The security and privacy of your information is important to us. When communicating with us via email please do not send any information that is considered confidential or sensitive in nature. If you need to communicate any personal information (account numbers, social security number, etc.) please feel free to call the number listed in my profile or contact OnPoint Member Services at 503.228.7077 or 800.527.3932.

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