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Financial Education Resources for Students

If you are looking to grow your financial knowledge, check out these resources for students and young adults.

Student digital learning resources.

It is never too early to begin learning about financial principles to help you with saving, budgeting, and planning. No matter where you are in your personal finance journey, we have resources for you.

With our digital learning platform, Enrich, you can create an account to access more courses, tools, and worksheets to grow your financial knowledge. Having an Enrich account allows you to get personalized content recommendations based on the topics that are important to you.

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Learning tracks.

Budgeting and spending

Begin your personal finance journey by starting a budget and creating a spending plan that works for you.

Course: Creating a budget and sticking to it

Course: Saving for goals

Tool: Interactive budget calculator

Article: Budgeting for students


Funding education

Find ways to save for higher education and understand your financing options.

Course: Borrowing smart and preparing for higher education

Course: Choosing a school and understanding cost

Tool: Student loan simulator

Video: Ways to save for higher education

Financing a vehicle

Interested in purchasing a car? Begin by understanding your options to finance a car whether you are buying or leasing.

Course: Buying or leasing a car

Tool: Auto calculators

Video: Financing a car

Article: Auto insurance considerations

Credit cards and scores

Learn the basics of credit scores and credit card terms to create a foundation for understanding debt.

Course: Understanding credit reports and scores

Tool: Estimate your credit score

Video: What is credit and why do you need it?

Article: Basic credit card types and terms

Article: Getting started with credit


Loan types

Thinking about applying for a loan? It is important to understand the lending process before applying.

Course: Repaying student loans

Video: Smart student loan borrowing

Article: Taking out loans

Article: Getting to know the different loans

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