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Digital banking

With all your bank accounts in one place, we stay local, while your money goes with you.

Your money. Your way. Find anytime access with OnPoint digital banking.

Enjoy convenient access to your finances by banking with your local community credit union.


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A better banking experience with OnPoint digital banking.

Digital banking from OnPoint provides you with the opportunity to access your money, deposit checks, send and receive money person-to-person, track your spending, and handle all aspects of your banking needs, digitally. You won’t need to go into a branch or talk to someone over the phone to complete safe, quick, and secure banking transactions—but if you need to call us or stop by your local branch, we’re still here for you. That’s what banking with us means—advanced digital banking tools along with access to local financial professionals in your community.

What can you do with your digital banking account?

Check your balance, freeze your credit card, update your personal information, and more. Now with the power of Zelle® you can send, request or receive money from anyone using an email address or phone number.

Finance manager

Track and categorize your spending, set monthly savings goals and create budgets.

Text and email alerts

Receive text1 or email alerts to stay on top of your transactions and account balance.

Enhanced security features to protect your account online

Verify your login with a secure access code sent via text or phone. Quickly and securely log into digital banking on supported devices with touch and face ID.

Update information and customize your digital banking experience

Update your email, phone and address. In addition, you can let us know when you travel out of the area. Simplify your banking by giving each account a custom name or reorder the appearance of your accounts.

Easy mobile deposit and quick money transfers

Deposit checks directly into your account with just a few steps. Make bill payments and swift and secure transfers between your accounts and elsewhere.

Free eStatements

Safe, convenient, and environmentally-friendly way to access your monthly account statements. Find all the account information you need with up to 18 months of account history.

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What are some digital banking features?

  • Account management & updates
  • Person-to-person payments
  • Finance manager
  • Text & email alerts
  • Secure account access
  • Touch ID & face ID
  • Customizable experience
  • Mobile deposits
  • Bill payments and digital transfers
  • eStatements
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Safe ways to pay using your Digital Banking account with popular payment methods.

You can make simple, secure debit or credit card payments without swiping or inserting your card. Just add your OnPoint debit or credit card to Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay, and you’re all set.

You can also make fast, safe peer-to-peer payments with Zelle®, Venmo, Paypal, Cash App and more.

How does Zelle® work?

When someone sends money to your enrolled email address or U.S. mobile number, Zelle looks up the email address or mobile number in its “directory” and notifies OnPoint of the incoming payment. OnPoint then directs the payment into your checking account, all while keeping your sensitive account details private.

Get more from your digital banking.

Optimize your Digital Banking experience with our user guides and tutorials.

Digital banking guide

Make the most of your digital banking experience with a step-by-step user guide. Open OnPoint’s digital banking guide.

Digital banking video tutorials

Learn more about digital banking, like how to log in, how to verify accounts and more, by watching these simple, convenient tutorials. Open video tutorial playlist.

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Download the OnPoint mobile banking app.

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Conveniently deposit checks from anywhere.

With mobile deposit, you can quickly and securely deposit checks in just a few quick steps:

  1. Log in and select “mobile deposit” from the main menu.
  2. Select the account you wish to deposit the funds into and the amount of the check.
  3. Sign and write “For mobile deposit only at OnPoint CCU” on the back of the check.
  4. Click “capture image” and you will be prompted to take photos of the front and back of your check. The final step is to confirm your deposit. Once you select deposit, it will start processing.

Your check deposits can be seen by selecting “activity center” and then selecting the “deposited checks” tab.

What to do with the check after you deposit:

  1. Once a check has been deposited to your account, make a note on the front of the check with “mobile deposit to OnPoint” and the date.
  2. Keep the check in a safe place for seven days in case it is needed.
  3. After one week, destroy or properly dispose of the check.
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Absolutely amazing. Quick load times, very clean and easily readable, common sense navigation. A must have for OnPoint members.

Kellen - Android app review

Digital banking FAQs

The person or company to whom you are sending funds is known as the biller. A biller can be almost any company or person to whom you would send a written check, such as a utility company, a cable TV provider, or even a relative. It may be convenient to set up an automatic payment for a biller so there isn't a need for repeating the same scheduling process each month.
  1. Log into Digital Banking and navigate to Bill Payment from the Payments & Transfers tab.
  2. You will see your billers listed in the Payment Center.
  3. Click the button at the top of the page to Add a Company or Person.
  4. Click the name of the biller to see or change their information, such as their address, telephone number, and recent payments.
If you don't activate your Touch ID, Face ID or fingerprint login from the Login Screen you still have the option to activate it within our digital banking app.
  1. Sign in to OnPoint's Digital Banking mobile app and tap the Menu button. In the Settings tab, tap Security Preferences.
  2. Toggle the Touch ID/Face ID or Fingerprint Login switch from "Off" to "On."
  3. Review the information about using fingerprint authentication and tap the Continue button.
  4. Enter your login ID and password and tap the Authorize button.
Note: You must have Touch ID/Face ID or Fingerprint enabled on your mobile device before enabling it through our Digital Banking mobile app.
From the main menu, select Log Off, which is the final menu item. On mobile, select the Menu button to display menu options and select Log Off.

If you forget to log off before closing the browser window or navigating to a different website, the system will time out. However, it is still best practice to log off and close all internet browsers before navigating to another website or attempting to sign back in. This is also the best practice when accessing Digital Banking through our mobile app.

If you are unable to sign back into Online Banking or need further assistance, please contact us at 503.228.7077 or 800.527.3932 (M-F 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Sat. 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.)
You can disable Touch ID or Face ID if you no longer prefer to utilize them.
  1. Sign in to OnPoint's Digital Banking mobile app and tap the Menu button. In the Settings tab, tap Security Preferences.
  2. Toggle the Touch ID/Face ID or Fingerprint Login switch from "On" to "Off"
  3. Tap the Yes button to disable the feature.
For best performance when accessing Digital Banking, we recommend you use one of the supported browsers listed here. While other browsers may work, these supported browsers provide the highest level of security, accuracy, and functionality. We also recommend that you enable JavaScript and pop-up windows in your browser for certain features to function properly.
If you wish to change your mobile banking Login ID, you will also be changing your online banking Login ID as they are the same. To change your Login ID, log into Digital Banking and select Settings from the main menu. Select Security Preferences, then select Change Login ID and choose your new Login ID. Note: your Login ID must be between 8 and 32 characters long.

If you don't remember your Login ID or if you are locked out of your account, please call us at 503.228.7077 or 800.527.3932 or visit your nearest branch.
Yes! It's a great idea to regularly update your password.To change your Digital Banking password, follow the steps below:
  • Login to Digital Banking
  • Select Settings from the main menu
  • Select Security Preferences
  • Click Change Password
  • Complete the fields to change your password
If you are locked out of Digital Banking, please contact us at 503.228.7077 or 800.527.3932 (M-F 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Sat. 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.) for assistance.

Lockouts occur following 5 failed login attempts.
Yes! If you have a friend or relative who is also a member of OnPoint, the Member to Member transfer option within Digital Banking allows you to send them money instantly. By using their member number, account/loan number and the first three letters of their last name, you can send them electronic payments and link their account for future deposits.

Additionally, you can send and receive money with friends, family and others you trust using Zelle® in OnPoint's Digital Banking. (Note: you must have a bank account in the U.S. to use Zelle.)

Make a Member to Member transfer today!
  • Log into Digital Banking
  • Select Payments & Transfers from the main menu
  • Click Member to Member
If you would like to remove an external account (loan, credit card, or deposit account) that you previously linked from another bank or credit union within your OnPoint Digital Banking profile, complete the following steps:
  1. Log into Digital Banking.
  2. Select Settings from the main menu (left-hand side).
  3. Select Account Preferences.
  4. Tap on the account you would like to remove to expand the details.
  5. Click the Remove link. (Note: The "Remove" link will only appear on accounts you linked from other external financial institutions.)
  6. Confirm you want to remove this account by clicking the Yes, remove button.

Make managing your money easier.

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Regulation D limitations apply to online and mobile banking transactions.
Online Banking Agreement

1 Please be aware that while OnPoint’s mobile banking services are free, your mobile carrier may assess text messaging and/or web access charges.

Note: Email should not be used to share important or sensitive information.

The security and privacy of your information is important to us. When communicating with us via email please do not send any information that is considered confidential or sensitive in nature. If you need to communicate any personal information (account numbers, social security number, etc.) please feel free to call the number listed in my profile or contact OnPoint Member Services at 503.228.7077 or 800.527.3932.

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