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INCIGHT—Opening doors to independence for people experiencing disabilities

In 2004, three friends founded an organization to empower people experiencing disabilities and help them reach their full potential. Today, INCIGHT continues to change lives through its programs that reach people experiencing disabilities or barriers in all areas, no matter their race, income level, ethnicity or age.

By working with job seekers, students, families, employers and educators in the community, INCIGHT consistently aids in increasing awareness of how people experiencing disabilities can use their situation to thrive.

Support with education and more.

To reach as many people as possible, INCIGHT offers a range of programs to open up opportunities and give the people they serve the confidence and experience to achieve independence.

INCIGHTFUL Curriculum. This program offers online transition curriculum to high school students experiencing disabilities for when they go to college or enter the workforce. It includes 89 lessons related to education, employment and independence, focusing on personal development, college and career direction, life skills, and more. The goal of this program is to break down barriers and address inequalities.

Scholarships. Since 2004, INCIGHT’s scholarship program has awarded more than 980 scholarships to students experiencing disabilities from Oregon, Washington, and California pursuing education after high school, including vocational school, traditional college or community college. The scholarships are typically available to students who show outstanding service to their community and have demonstrated an ability to leverage the obstacles in their life.

Job coaching. The job coaching program helps people recognize how obstacles can be utilized to achieve employment and career goals. This includes assistance with creating resumes and cover letters, hosting Zoom mock interviews, and sharing job postings.

GET AHEAD events. INCIGHT’s GET AHEAD events are virtual workshops hosted with to help people get their first job or change career paths or industries. These one-hour workshops cover many topics important to a successful job search, including developing soft skills, optimizing for applicant tracking bots and networking.

Job Fairs. INCIGHT also hosts job fairs to connect employers with qualified candidates. This is accomplished by creating the environment necessary for success which includes coaching employers and job seekers separately on how to make meaningful connections.

Unlocking potential in the community.

INCIGHT aims to empower people experiencing disabilities so they can leverage their obstacles to unlock potential for their future. This may mean furthering their education and identifying ways to live an independent lifestyle. All people with all abilities and ages are eligible to receive this help.

Meet an INCIGHT scholar.

Melissa first connected with INCIGHT through a partnership with Portland Community College and its academic honor society students experiencing disabilities. Melissa lives with Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and was studying sociology. The INCIGHT education team spent time with Melissa to learn about her experience, which resulted in awarding her a scholarship to help fund her educational plans.

After completing her education, Melissa also took advantage of INCIGHT’s employment services. She attended the GET AHEAD events that helped her with job searching processes. She then delivered an elevator pitch to meet with employers in her field.

Professional experiences within INCIGHT.

INCIGHT has a wide range of talented professionals working to provide meaningful help to people in need. Some share their stories of living with or growing up with a disability that limited their educational or employment reach. Others have learned how to unlock the challenges that people experiencing disabilities face and show them their value and what they have to offer the community.

Creating greater inclusion for people who experience disabilities is at the heart of the work these INCIGHT professionals do. They believe this is done by creating opportunities, busting stigma, and breaking down barriers. Through their efforts, they help young teenagers overcome their struggles to get into college, assist someone in qualifying for a better job that transforms their future, and more.

Challenges that INCIGHT faces today.

INCIGHT has experienced numerous challenges over the last two years due to the pandemic and changes within the program’s organizational structure. The team recently developed a new strategic plan to move them beyond the limitations they faced, which has led to an increase in demand for their services.

To meet ever-growing demand, the organization is working to grow its board and team, increase its organizational capacity, create a larger community presence, and build a base of strategic partners and stakeholders. They are also working to create a sustainable revenue stream, increase their donor base and find more corporate partners, who are critical in helping the organization to remain viable.

How you can support INCIGHT.

OnPoint has provided $5,000 to INCIGHT since 2022 through sponsoring its Gala. The organization is always in need of donations to fund its important work, and there are numerous volunteer opportunities available, including:

  • Becoming a board member.
  • Helping out with INCIGHT’s job fair events and Get Ahead events.
  • Becoming a member of the Scholarship Review Committee.
  • Mentoring an INCIGHT scholarship recipient.
  • Sharing your expertise by helping INCIGHT develop new lessons and videos for transition students.
  • Contributing content and perspectives to INCIGHT’s magazine, The UNDERSTANDING.
  • Joining INCIGHT’s volunteer committee in helping to organize and put on the organization’s annual gala and golf events.

Learn more about INCIGHT and all it does in our community here.

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