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AGE+—supporting aging Oregonians and strengthening our community

With an average lifespan of nearly 80 years, there is a serious need for intergenerational community support for older adults in Oregon. AGE+ is a nonprofit organization focused on creating partnerships and training opportunities that help improve the lives of those 65 and older.

The organization creates community networks and services to solve critical problems such as housing, caregiving and mobility for low-income, underserved older adults. AGE+ also celebrates the achievements of older adults and raises awareness of how much seniors contribute to their communities.

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Helping Oregon seniors thrive.

AGE+ builds awareness of how communities can identify their strengths and use them to help older adults. That starts by assessing resources and creating incentive plans to support new initiatives. Focus areas include rural communities, neighborhoods with concentrations of low-income seniors, and communities of color. However, AGE+ encourages all communities that want to address the challenges faced by seniors to reach out to them for guidance and support.

If your community has already benefited from the organization’s assistance, you can reach out and share your story.

A holistic approach to support.

AGE+ envisions a shared future of linked generations, making longer life a blessing. Its primary initiatives include:

  • Shared Future Oregon: This multi-sector collaboration supports all generations through living and aging support.
  • Housing initiatives: AGE+ addresses the lack of affordable housing for older Oregonians with practical solutions, including two planned senior communities in Madras and Talent, Oregon. Those who make 60% or less of the area’s median income will be eligible for these affordable rental communities. Both projects meet all Lifelong Housing Certification standards, making them highly accessible to adults with mobility challenges and other disabilities.
  • Circles of Care: This program matches older adults with volunteers in rural communities who help them with everyday tasks.
  • Education and outreach: Volunteerism and activism start by creating dialogue around aging issues. Through Community Conversations, AGE+ offers forums and opportunities for all generations to learn more about aging and what they can do to help.
  • Ties That Bind: This program focuses on grandparents and older adults raising children.

AGE+ also takes its work one step further by celebrating the aging process. For example, since 2013, the Ageless Award has honored individuals 75+ who serve society as mentors, civic leaders, volunteers and philanthropists.

Get involved with AGE+’s efforts.

Members of Age+ Digging Outside OnPoint became an Age+ supporter in 2022 and has donated $5,000 to the organization as an Ageless Award sponsor. You can easily add your support for AGE+ by donating. However, giving time and energy is equally important. You can help spearhead initiatives for the organization and its mission in your community, visiting older adults in isolation or running errands for your older neighbors.

As Oregonians age, ensuring they receive the support and resources they need poses unique challenges. It also creates opportunities for communities to grow together. AGE+ created Shared Future Oregon, a 10-year blueprint for local governments to help make this transition easier. By creating an inclusive, age-friendly state, everyone in Oregon will benefit. Sign up to support the Shared Future Oregon, or contact AGE+ to see how you can get involved!

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