Behind the Scenes of an OnPoint Commercial Shoot

Have you ever seen one of those commercials depicting a happy person, receiving the perfect service from a happy salesperson for the perfect product and thought, “could this get any phonier?”

For the past several years, OnPoint proudly features real OnPoint members in local settings in our commercials. This year, one of the commercials features the family of Mike and April V, longtime OnPoint members.

“At the beginning, I wasn’t sure what to expect,” April said of arriving at Fujii berry farms the morning of the shoot. “As soon as I pulled up, I didn’t even park the car and everyone’s coming – I get out of the car, we’re going to sign some forms, these are the kids, good to see you, do you want anything to drink…”

In the commercial, we meet our OnPoint family, April, Mike and their three adorable kids – Aiden (10 years old), Adlee (6), and Luciana (3) and follow them through a very eventful day-in-the-life.

“When I told Mike and the kids that we’re going to be in a commercial for OnPoint, they were pumped! They were like, ‘we’re gonna be famous!’”

The commercial took one full day to shoot and was shot on-location – no small feat considering the number of locations covered – Fujii Farms, Oxbow Park, Flyin’ Pie Pizzeria, The Lumberyard BMX park, a little league baseball field, their own backyard, and of course OnPoint.

Aware of the busy day ahead, the director kept things light and active. “She’s blasting music, telling everyone what to do,” said April. “She told us ‘we need to set the tone!’”

OnPoint commercial shoot

Her favorite scene involved Mike and the kids having a lively, touching moment. “They’re singing a song. You don’t hear the song in the video but they’re singing a song together that Adlee learned in school. She taught Lu and we all know it ‘cause we’re all singing it every day. I love that; it melts my heart. Watching it…wow…I’m very appreciative of it.”

As production started, “I told the director, ‘they’re little kids, I can’t promise you they’re going to be good,’” April recalled. But their acting debut couldn’t have gone better. By the end of the night as they finished their s’mores and wrapped production at Oxbow Park, the kids didn’t want to leave.

“The crew was fantastic, said April. “They were like friends by the end. The kids were like ‘We wanna stay! We wanna go camping! It’s all set up why aren’t we staying here?’ Because it’s the middle of the week and we have to go home! It was 9:30 by the time we got home and I was exhausted!”

We thank April, her family, and every member for growing with OnPoint. Click below to see the full commercial.

To view more OnPoint commercials, visit the Video Gallery in our Media Center.

Author: Brock Madsen, Marketing Specialist | Marketing Services

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