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Employee Spotlight with Christofer Tapia

The OnPoint Spotlight is an ongoing blog series that highlights our employees, celebrating the drive and personality of individuals on our team. It’s one way we show our appreciation for their hard work and achievements while helping our community get to know the people who make things happen here at OnPoint.

This week’s employee spotlight is on Christofer Tapia, Business Member Specialist at our 205 Place Branch. He has also been a Teller, Member Service Representative, and Member Relationship Officer. Christofer is the eldest of six siblings, a Californian born and raised. He is a recent newlywed with two Cocker Spaniels and loves traveling internationally — Costa Rica is his favorite destination.

Here’s what Christofer had to share about his life and time at OnPoint:

What were you doing before joining OnPoint or taking on your current role?

I had just moved here from California, working at the DoubleTree by Hilton and attending Washington State University. I had recently completed my Bachelor’s Degree in History and was gearing up to start my Masters in Teaching. Unfortunately, COVID put a damper on those plans.

Christofer-Tapia celebrating Halloween at OnPoint branchHonestly, OnPoint has played a major life-changing role in my life. When I started, the whole world was in the middle of COVID. As a people person, I craved interaction, whether from work, school, gym or even having coffee with a friend. OnPoint helped reignite a flame I had lost during those couple of years of lockdown. I have met the most amazing colleagues during my time here, and I’m so happy to call them friends and even family. The culture that OnPoint creates truly allows for bonds like this to develop, and I will forever be grateful. I was super hesitant to step into my new role; change is never easy, but I am so happy I did. My toes are still in the water, but I’m still learning the ropes and loving/hanging on to every minute of it.

Do you have any strange phobias?

Thalassophobia. Essentially, it’s a phobia characterized by a persistent and intense fear of deep water, such as an ocean or lake. I avoid deep bodies of water at all costs. It made for a fun experience when I learned to wakeboard. It’s like having NO idea what or who is swimming underneath you. Even talking about it makes my skin crawl. Also, being in the water when there is a large ship or object… no thank you.

What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?

T A Y L O R S W I F T. I low-key might have a problem. I know all the songs, every music video or interview, and my merch game is strong. If my life was in danger and I had to sing ‘All Too Well (10-minute version),’ I would be out of there in 10 minutes and 13 seconds. She is literally the Queen of my world.

What was your favorite TV show growing up?

Dragon Ball Z. I was super obsessed with Goku. I used to race home to try and watch the reruns. After finishing my homework, I would watch it for as long as I could. It taught me so much: friendship, hard work, loyalty. This was definitely a coming-of-age show for me.

What is the most incredible view you’ve ever seen?

Christofer-Tapia hiking at JoshuaHalf Dome in Yosemite. That was one of the hardest physical things I have ever had to do. The whole hike took us about 16 hours. I wore the worst hiking shoes that made it feel like 20 hours, but as soon as I made it up there… oh man. The view was unexplainable. The pictures that I took do not do it justice. Standing above the whole valley puts life into perspective. Nature is a wild thing.

How do you maintain a work/life balance?

The gym is my go-to place most of the time. There’s something about going to the gym that allows all the problems from the day to melt away. I get to unplug from life’s events, whether work or other worldly realities. Leg Day hits especially hard.

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