New Features and Enhanced Experience

Consistent Experience
Enjoy the same view regardless of the device you use.

Enhanced Security
Verify your login with a secure access code sent via text, email or phone.1

Touch ID
Quickly and securely access your accounts on your mobile devices.1

Intuitive Customization
Nickname, group and hide accounts to simplify navigation.

Set and control access limits for additional users.

ACH Payments2 and Wires
Generate ACH payments (such as payroll) or send a wire transfer within Business Online Banking.


Getting Ready

To help prepare for this exciting upgrade, please confirm your scheduled Bill Payment payees:

  1. Log into your current Online Banking
  2. Confirm that all payees are current.

If you have any payees that you no longer use, we highly recommend removing them:

  1. Simply click on the payee name
  2. Click "Remove."
  3. Confirm removal.

If you don't have any Bill Payment payees, or if all payees are current, you're all set!

Your invitation email will soon be on its way!

If you're a current OnPoint Business member, you will receive an invitation email in the near future with detailed instructions on how to enroll and access your accounts in the new Business Online Banking.


1. Please be aware that while OnPoint's Mobile Banking services are free, your mobile carrier may assess text messaging and/or web access charges.

2. ACH Agreement required prior to using ACH payment services.