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Employee Spotlight with David Biastock

The OnPoint spotlight is an ongoing blog series that highlights our employees and takes a closer look at the drive and personality of individuals on the OnPoint team. It is one way we show our appreciation for their hard work and achievements while helping our community get to know the people who make things happen here at OnPoint.

This week’s employee spotlight is on David Biastock, who joined OnPoint in 2015. He started his journey as a Member Services Specialist, getting to know and help our members. From there, he leaned into his payroll expertise and joined the Human Resources department as a Payroll Specialist! Now he is an Internal Service Officer.

Here is what he had to share about his life and experiences with OnPoint:

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a native to the Portland area and grew up near Happy Valley back when it was mostly farmland. In my free time, I try to follow my creative passions like photography, filmmaking and taking in the natural beauty and history that the Pacific Northwest offers! I have the honor of helping raise two wonderful girls, Abby and Raven, with my amazing partner Laura!

David Biastock crossing a bridge and photo with sasquatch


What is a fear you are proud to have overcome?

Well, I can’t say I’ve quite overcome my fear of heights, but I’m taking steps! I recently visited Drift Creek Falls and crossed a suspension bridge in the last leg of the hike. I can only say that the experience was memorable—to say the least. I’ve also recently tackled the Astoria Column, and I’m proud to say I lasted a whole FIVE MINUTES enjoying the view from the top!

What were you doing before joining OnPoint or taking on your current role?

Before my time at OnPoint, I spent several years in the payroll field. Going even further back, I worked in telecom for a little over a decade. My time with OnPoint has been an extraordinary opportunity for personal and professional growth, and I truly appreciate spending time with this amazing group of people. In my current role, I get to partner with our employees in a meaningful way every day.

I look forward to growing my knowledge and support even further!

What is the “nerdiest” thing that you do in your spare time?

Even at age 43, I still find video games take up the majority of my couch time. I’ve been a fan since the ‘80s and never outgrew it! I also love board games. My nerdiest board game puts players in charge of overseeing the production for a fictional car manufacturing company. If that isn’t nerdy, I don’t know what is!\

David Biastock playing video games at home and relaxing with his dog

What is your favorite family tradition?

We look forward to “Alpacapalooza” every year. If you’re not familiar, it’s an annual gathering for alpaca owners, breeders and enthusiasts from all over the Pacific Northwest. We kind of love the goofy critters, and it’s a fantastic place to find some soft wooly gear!

Do you follow any sports teams?

“When I root, I root for the TIMBERS!!” I’m a pretty enthusiastic fan who’s always up for attending a match. Nothing like chanting and singing with the Timbers Army on a sunny Portland day!

David Biastock kicking back as a Portland Timbers fan

How do you maintain work/life balance?

I’ve always followed the mantra, “Work hard, play hard.” I find it’s easier to sleep at night knowing I’ve done everything I could during my workday. Then, when it’s time to “put my tools down,” I try to live life to the fullest whenever I can!

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