Honoring Educators During Unprecedented Challenges-student raising hand to talk in classroom

Honoring Educators During Unprecedented Challenges

Our Education Roots Sprout Success: Part 4

The 2020-2021 school year underscores the essential role teachers and education play in students’ and their families’ lives. We live in a difficult time, and our communities rely on teachers to deliver educational materials and keep children engaged in school through difficult circumstances. In part four of the “Our Education Roots Sprout Success” series, we will look at why honoring outstanding teachers with the OnPoint Prize for Excellence in Education has become even more meaningful during these uncertain times.

While students, parents, and teachers face challenges through virtual learning, many brilliant minds and generous hearts across the education community continue to adapt with new teaching methods, sparking enthusiasm and passion while supporting students.

Quality education is a gateway to the world of opportunity. With the pandemic and economic hardship increasing pressure on both students and teachers, we must honor those educators and schools going above and beyond to keep children learning, engaging, and connecting with their education and each other.

If you need some inspiration, look no further than:

Andrew Schaffer, Digital Media Instructor and SkillsUSA Advisor at Sandy High School. Andrew transformed his lesson plan to ensure his students continued to gain the skills and knowledge they will need for careers in creative digital media fields. Despite virtual learning, Andrew and his team of aspiring broadcasters were able to finalize their sports broadcasting program in time for the return of high school sports upon winning the $2,000 OnPoint Prize Community Builder Award in 2020. Additionally, they launched a new podcast series that examines critical issues students face. Learn more about the Pioneer Digital Media Sports Broadcasting program and listen to or watch some recent productions.

Carol Biskupic-Knight, Fourth-Grade Teacher at Sato Elementary. Carol, a nationally recognized leader in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education, has spent her 41-year career developing a teaching experience that takes students on adventures in learning and builds their natural curiosity. She has gained new energy and joy from overhauling her entire approach to virtually deliver that same award-winning experience. We were proud to recognize Carol’s contributions to the education community last year as one of our 2020 OnPoint Prize for Excellence in Education Educators of the Year. Learn more about Carol’s inspiring story.

Since the Prize for Excellence Education began in 2010, we have awarded more than $470,000 in prizes to 285 outstanding local educators and schools. OnPoint’s 2021 Prize will award up to $100,000 to exceptional local public or private K-12 teachers and schools. As the education community continues to face many unknowns, we are more committed than ever to honoring those raising the bar for excellence in education, inside or outside the classroom.

In part five, the final installment of our “Our Education Roots Sprout Success” series, we will look at how we support teachers to ensure their students gain the necessary financial skills and knowledge to make sound financial decisions into adulthood.

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